Monday, July 8, 2019

Wow! Whats going on in my mind its gonna be a magic
Peoples getting aware about whats real secret to grow intelligent child and what is real wealth

Health is wealth,,,,,!!!

Its gonna be true πŸ’–
When we spend our precious hours of life to earn wealth-money,,sometimes we compromise with our food n health
But ideally its not fair,,,we should take care of our health as well ,  
To eat healthy food isnt enough,have regular exercise,, have right food to eat in right manner at right time,,,
Have sound sleep at night time and enough hours 6-8 hrs

Dont use fast food too much

Dont use cosmetic too much
Add fruits n salads in your menu

Thursday, June 20, 2019


International yoga Day !21st June

Hi Readers,, Let me tell u about latest health Trends

1) @Fitbit

             A fitness tracker device in trends ,,it measures your sleep pattern and Heart rate,,more health aware people all over the world looking for this

2) AT HOME WoRkOUT PRODUCT . are in a trends

People are getting more n more attracted towards health and gym products

: Total body resistance Exercise

3)Nondairy Milk
Nowadays  milk alternatives are  new sources  of milk alternatives

3)Hemp Product

Plant based foods are gaining popularity

What is a @ hemp products??

Cannabis Sativa is the botanical name of the plant species. There are multiple strains of the Cannabis Sativa plant. One of the common strains is called Industrial Hemp,,,,

 Industrial Hemp naturally produces higher levels of Cannabidiols (CBD) and low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

4)Food Trends
Over the last few years,whole fruit market incresing ,,,
Hamp product are one of them,,,trending under health suppliment,beauty products and oil to help with enxiety stress pain nd inflammation

@Mediterranean Diet

6)vegan beverages
Replacing cocktail For Non alcoholic Drink

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Wow!! Its Raining πŸ˜„

Its feel so amazingwhen first rain of season starts,, The first rain come with joy as important it also come with some health problems especially for kids n Old Aged people,,
Kids are more prone to have allergic rhinorrhia(Common cold n flue)
Fever,disturbed stomuch, n more,,

How to  Take care of Kids in Rainy Season!

1)Dont let kids to  get wet in rain,,if still they do,, dry them soon with towel,,
Use some herbal remedies for kids like vicks balm,, vicksBabyRub, 
2) Use anti bacterial floor cleaner and hand wash to prevent bacterial infection
3) Kip some handy OTC medicine at home
4) if symptoms not improve ,,call ur doctor soon
5) Use fresh food ,,,
6) Clean water
7)kip your resident clear and Dry,,

Follow cleanliness Rules,
Keep your home-street clean
Keep your city Clean
Keep your country Clean

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Congratulationss !!
This iz Specially for u ,,,
What you feel when u first time hear the Good News(When dr says: U are pregnant)??πŸ’“πŸ’–
Its a amaging feeling !! Every woman should celebrate this stage of life with care and awareness,,

What test should be necessory during pregnancy 1st trimester,2nd trimester nd in 3rd trimester

ANC = Anti natal care should be taken careful,,screening for HIV/HbsAg,VDRL,DM,HT,Thyroid,etc

Nutritional food should be taken,,

Enough Bed Rest and Relaxation(Yoga,music etc)

Feel proud to be mother!
Your going to bring a new little life (baby)to this world,,
Keep talking with your baby in womb!
Visit your gyaenec Dr. Time to Time
Go for vaccination also
Go for walk everyday!

There are so many things to follow at that time,

If u wanna Raise Intelligent child start working before his born, by taking nutritious food and kiping yourself healthier ,, 

Will write some new Idea in my Next Blog,,  take careπŸ˜„

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Unknown Topic of Child's Health

Hey guyies are u really aware of all types of health problem of your lil child????
Here below some of important points
1 )Global warming (climate change ) & Child Health
2) New fast food - food color and child health
3) Daily breakfast and other lunch box & child Health
4)New types of car interior and child comfort
5)beauty product ,hair color and upcoming child' health
Music type a willbe mother listening and child mental health
7)androd mobile and child health
8)some outfit(clothes) material and fashion brand also affect child health
9)Outdoor game,,vedio game,mobile game etc and child' health

Will write in detail in fiture post
Right now,,seasonal change and kid's health probl is a today' s topic
When summer going and monson coming,,monson going winter coming,and winter going and summer coming
10-15 days between two season child prone to have allergic skin pro,,,common cold,,flue like prob,,and also affect kid's  hunger 
Good evening Readers!😡
  Let me tell u secrets about kids,,
A smart mom always kip inspiring her child from starting(from 6 months of age)

"Mother is the First teacher of humanbeings"

    When kid starts to know about new world,,a mom gives him guide ,,making him to understand the WORD and The WORLD too,, 
Always encourage your child to fight with imperfections and to enjoy the beauty and blessing of Almighty GOD,  
NOBODY is perfect,  I M a NOBODY😡😡

Lets have a example

Lax is a 6 months kid
Janki "His mother""
Lax kip playing and growing day by day,,,janki take care of her son,,,,One day while playing  in her lap,,

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Welcome Dear Reader!
Here i m going to write about most important health topic for couples
" infertility/Sterility " in easy words if married and living together for more than 1 year but not getting kids(not getting pregnant) its called primery sterility/infertility

Wow! Whats going on in my mind its gonna be a magic Peoples getting aware about whats real secret to grow intelligent child and what is re...